+ Assembly & Manufacturing Automation

Fully Automatic

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    Assembly Automation

    Our fully automatic assembly lines incorporate high precision inspection, vision, torqueing and pressing equipment along with the integration of components such as robots, gantries and conveyors for part handling.

Automatic assembly lines with robotics, gantries and conveyors with integrated inspection and part sorting, 

Semi-Automatic Assembly

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    Assembly Systems

     Synchronous and non-synchronous automated assembly systems utilize components such as manual work stations, conveyors, rotary indexers and robots for the perfect solution to repetitive operation requiring short cycle times.

Semi-Automatic is an alternative assembly method that can conduct similar operations to full automation at a lower cost of investment.

Manual Assembly

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    Manual Assembly

    Turn-key manual assembly lines or single operation assembly systems. Our HMI guided sequence prompts the operator through each step of the process utilizing “in-process verification” to ensure all actions are completed in the correct order.

Vision, Laser, Pneumatic, Dynamic, Torque, as well as Classification and Identification.


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    Laser line profiling, laser displacement and interferometry, +Vantage offers laser inspection solutions for your non-contact 2D and 3D inspection needs

Turn-key sub assembly equipment to large scale integrators as well as end users, providing drop in-line cells or integration into customer cells.

Assembly & Inspection

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    Custom Automation

     +Vantage designs custom assembly and automation solutions for automotive, aerospace, biotech and more.

Custom turn-key inspection and assembly line solutions for manufacturing automation.

Robotics & Automation

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    +Vantage brings robotic automation to the shop floor. Scaled, affordable systems help manufacturers realize production goals through our custom and standard systems.

Design, Build and Install. We offer a full range of automation and manufacturing solutions

Industries we serve







Automation & metrology solutions that deliver a true competitive advantage

Any industry, any application, +Vantage strives to meet the most challenging production and inspection requirements.
We pride ourselves on a thorough, consultative engineering approach and will take the time to fully understand every aspect of your application before custom designing the perfect system fit. Our goals, are your goals. We engineer solutions that safeguard product quality, save time and labor costs, while also maximizing production output.