/ Transforming Your Manufacturing With Plastics Automation

Transforming Your Manufacturing With Plastics Automation

Learn about how automation solutions have changed the plastic manufacturing industry, and how +Vantage can assist your manufacturing processes.

How Automation Revolutionized the Plastics Industry

Plastics are an integral part of nearly every industry. From consumer goods to food and beverage products to the medical industry, consistent, high-quality plastics processing is vital. Therefore, plastic manufacturing needs to be as versatile and adaptable as plastic’s applications.

Automation has revolutionized the plastics manufacturing industry, enabling manufacturers to reach previously unheard-of levels of efficiency and quality. At +Vantage, our plastics automation systems allow manufacturers to sustain a high production level with fewer errors and less cost.

Before automation and advanced robotics, plastic manufacturing required people at every step of the process. From injecting plastic into a mold to removing the part from the mold to transferring it to another phase of the manufacturing process, human input made plastic manufacturing inefficient. Without precise robotics, it was impossible to manufacture plastic components that were too small or too delicate.

Machine removes plastic pieces from conveyor belt and places them in the next manufacturing step.

White robot unloads black plastic piece from molding machine.

+Vantage Plastic Manufacturing Automation Systems

With +Vantage systems, manufacturers can easily automate the manufacturing process. For example, +Vantage creates automation solutions for plastic parts including:

Plastics Automation for Your Business

+Vantage builds every plastic manufacturing automation system with the client’s specific application in mind. Therefore, our turnkey solutions start adding value to your manufacturing process the moment we install them.

To learn more about how +Vantage services the plastics industry and how we can help revolutionize your manufacturing process, click here to download your free copy of our services guide.

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