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Aerospace Assembly & Inspection Automation Solutions

Learn how +Vantage provides automation solutions for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Aerospace Manufacturing: A Difficult Industry to Automate

The aerospace manufacturing industry is notoriously difficult to automate. Compared to many other products, airplanes require an incredible number of precision components. From the turbines to the advanced technology to the body panels, planes combine thousands of different parts.

Not only do airplanes use many different parts, but some of the parts themselves are massive. These components require that a machine come to them, instead of coming from a machine like traditional automation.

Because of this, aerospace assembly automation can be challenging to perfect. However, +Vantage has years of experience constructing automation solutions for unique manufacturing environments.

Disassembled airplane turbine engine being manufactured.

+Vantage Aerospace Assembly Automation Solutions

While automation in the aerospace manufacturing industry is challenging, it provides enormous benefits to those who invest in quality solutions. With the right automation services, aerospace manufacturers can increase their production volume with higher-quality components and lower cost than ever before.

Through automation, manufacturers can improve their final products – protecting consumers and their brand reputation simultaneously. +Vantage offers automation for many aerospace manufacturing steps, including:

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 Measuring probe for testing a turbine part

While automating an airplane’s entire manufacturing and assembly process is a monumental task, automating individual steps is very feasible. For example, automating a step such as measurement or joining, which is repeated thousands of times for every plane, is an easy way to save time and achieve more precise, consistent results.

To learn more about how +Vantage delivers aerospace assembly automation solutions, and how we can help revolutionize your manufacturing process, click here to download your free copy of our services guide.

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