In-line robotic arm facilitating dynamic resonance testing

Eddy Current & Resonance Test Systems

+Vantage utilizes eddy and resonance test systems to provide non-destructive inspection solutions for precision manufacturers.

Non-Destructive Testing for Precision Manufacturing

+Vantage offers several non-destructive test options for precision component inspection. We integrate specialized testing methods specific to the application including eddy current and resonance testing systems to give our clients the most effective and efficient system for their process. Here are some of the benefits and use cases of the two techniques:

Eddy Current Test Systems

Image of a +Vantage eddy current testing module

+Vantage offers eddy current to offer powerful non-destructive testing (NDI) capabilities for part inspection. Eddy current testing uses electromagnetic induction to inspect metal components for cracking, non-conductive coating thickness, material conductivity, and heat treatment. Changes in electrical impedance indicate the presence of defects, allowing for rapid automated part sorting.

Resonance Test Systems

Resonance testing systems utilize the known resonance frequency of a given object to check for structural defects. By passing vibrational frequencies through your component at resonance, any deviation in response will alert you to the presence of defects. Together, these methods allow manufacturers to effectively automate inspection, increasing speed without sacrificing valuable components.


  • Dynamic Eddy Current Testing
  • Statis Eddy Current Testing
  • Dynamic Resonance Testing


  • Crack Detection
  • Defect Detection
  • Material Property Verification
  • Process Verification
  • Coating Inspection
  • Heat Treat Verification
  • Dimensional Verification

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