Image of +Vantage robotic arm module for disposing of scrap parts on the production line

Tool Compensation Gage Systems

+Vantage provides a turnkey approach to tool compensation. Creating an easy-to-use interface to communicate from your +Vantage Gage to the production CNC automation tool.

Detailed Process Control for CNC Automation

Automating your CNC machining can save immense amounts of time, removing the need for an operator to attend to the machine after every cycle, and part-to-part tool compensation means you don’t need to worry about manual offsets. +Vantage has years of experience implementing inline dimensional inspection and providing the results to tool compensation software to prevent manual upsets.

Over tens of thousands of cycles, the cutting head on a CNC machine naturally wears down. If left unaddressed this can result in waste, disappointed customers, and significant downtime. Fortunately, integrated metrology and CNC automation technology provide powerful solutions. On +Vantage machines, our RTGC software passes tool compensation data back to the CNC, increasing uptime, facilitating predictive maintenance, and providing an accurate picture of tool condition.


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