A side view of a +Vantage High Speed Cup Plug Vision Inspection System

Flexible Inspection for Adaptability & Reusability

RōBEX offers an impressive selection of vision inspection systems, assembly verification, and other advanced systems making automation and flexibility integrated smoothly into any process. Our standard turnkey units are designed for manufacturing operations to have a modular vision inspection process that can be adjusted as their systems develop. They have a proven track record of reliability and performance, and have the option to be customized by request.

Advantages of Going with Flex-Inspect

Vision inspection systems relying on traditional gaging methodologies are not always a good option when trying to scale an operation or implement automation into your process. This includes issues such as identifying visual defects, which are often still conducted by human operators. However, any visual inspection performed by humans can be inconsistent. With automated vision inspection systems, manufacturers can increase accuracy and efficiency using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or other measurement techniques.

Part-to-Part Changeover Simplified

With the additional benefit of a flexible vision inspection system, you can measure any number of part types with a simple changeover. As companies around the world continue to rapidly implement manufacturing automation, many struggle with predicting how they will optimize the production of particular components. With best practices for bespoke manufacturing constantly in flux, the ability to quickly make simple or small changes anywhere can give one manufacturer a significant competitive edge over another.

Features & Use Cases of Our Vision Inspection Systems

Developing the production logistics for a manufacturing assembly or production line is one of the most complicated planning processes a manufacturer can undertake. At RōBEX, we reduce complexity by offering flexible, easy-to-integrate technology. Our systems use visual inspection equipment to detect hole presence, assembly condition, feature presence, and part quality. They can easily be programmed for any number of part types. They can also be changed to adapt to manufacturing variables with programming and no additional capital or equipment requirements.

Additionally, machine vision inspection systems can be robot-mounted or fixed, providing even more versatility to a vision inspection system.

Technology Integrated to the Robot

  • 2D Visual Inspection Sensors
  • Custom Lensing and Setups for Specific Application Requirements
  • 2D Vision Cameras
  • 2D IPV Sensors
  • 3D Visual Inspection Sensors
  • 3D Laser Line Profilers
  • 3D Structured lighting


  • Flexible Dimensional Inspection
  • Porosity Inspection
  • Non-Clean Up Inspection
  • Color Inspection
  • Defect Inspection
  • Assembly Verification
  • Poka-Yoke and Feature Verification

Lab Testing for the Feasibility of Your Application

We have decades of experience designing, building, and installing vision applications, so we understand how complex and comprehensive vision inspection systems can be. We also know that upfront feasibility testing is the key to a successful launch. To ensure you are outfitted with the best system, we have onsite expert engineers who can verify applications before any plans are drawn.

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