Robotic Part Handling

+Vantage offers incredible versatility, delivering the right robotic part-handling machine for any application.

Truly Custom Solutions for Fully Automated Production

Robotic part handling provides unparalleled control in fully automated assembly lines, safely and autonomously moving parts between stations. +Vantage’s systems offer a wide variety of custom fit automation equipment, tailored to the needs of the application. Robotic handling systems are available in 3-axis, 6-axis, and 7-axis rail-mounted orientations to accommodate any process.

Customization is not limited to simply the movement either. +Vantage robot integration allows for detailed choice in selecting the right part-gripping choice. Systems are available with either servo-driven or pneumatic grippers depending on the strength of the parts being handled. Robotic part handlers can also come with custom end-of-arm tooling (EAOT), designed to your specific product and needs, and scalable to part size and type.

Robotic Part Handling Cells Custom Designed for Production Safety & Efficiency


  • 3-Axis Robotics
  • 6-Axis Robotics
  • Rail-Mounted 7-Axis Robotics
  • AGV’s
  • Pneumatic Grippers
  • Servo-Driven Grippers

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