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Bringing Innovative Manufacturing Equipment to Your Production Line

At +Vantage, we engineer equipment for metrology, assembly, and automation in manufacturing that safeguards product quality. We also investigate how to save you time and labor costs while maximizing production output. Our customers demand and expect a high level of excellence. This motivates us to find the best inspection and assembly solutions to guarantee our customers can deliver top-quality production parts to their customers.

For your convenience, +Vantage has compiled a library of our most requested information packets and resources. Below you will find details on +Vantage’s approach as an automation company, Custom Assembly Line Automation, Die Casting, Inspection and Final Test, and much more.

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+Vantage Case Studies: Real Solutions for Real Problems

When dealing with complex processes like automated inspection in manufacturing or battery assembly, it’s hard to adequately summarize all the unique designs our engineers can create. That’s why we have compiled a few in-depth, multi-faceted solutions built in real-world client contexts. These examples have been collected and organized to showcase some of our most frequently requested applications.

Assembly Lines

📄 Diesel Fuel Injector Assembly Line

📄 Fully Automatic Balance Shaft Assembly System

📄 Lift Gate Assembly & Visual Inspection

Material Handling Systems & CNC Automation

📄 Tripod Housing Gage Tool Compensation and CNC Automation Lathe Cell

📄 Robot Lathe Tending & Gage Tool Compensation Automation Cell

📄 Case & Cover Machined Casting CNC Automation & Laser Marking System

Turnkey Inspection & Testing Cells

📄 Carrier End of Line Measurement and Testing Cell

📄 Transmission Housing Inspection, Testing & Assembly Cell

📄 eAxle Gear Box Final Inspection, Testing, Assembly and Laser Marking Cell

EV Solutions

📄 Battery Tray End of Line 3D Inspection & Automatic Pack Out Cell

📄 eMotor Housing Degate & Laser Marking System

📄 Battery Tray 3D Inspection Machine

+Vantage Quick Guide: Automation Made Seamless

This quick guide will give you a complete picture of the products, services, and custom engineering we offer for each client. From automated assembly to vision system inspection, we do it all with an approach tailored to meet your needs.

Take a few minutes to download this guide and see for yourself how +Vantage can bring Industry 4.0 to your quality control and assembly processes on the plant floor. Discover how your process can integrate automation, Real-Time SPC (Statistical Process Control), and data tracing without sacrificing throughput time.

📄 Download the +Vantage Quick Guide

+Vantage Process Infographic: Automation in Manufacturing

Transparency is our priority. This infographic details what it looks like to supercharge your manufacturing assembly line with +Vantage. We have decades of experience developing bespoke automation systems for our clients. Download this infographic for a concise overview of the process of working with us to design and deliver your new system.

📄 Download the +Vantage Process Infographic

+Vantage eBook: Automation for High Pressing Die Casting

This eBook covers +Vantage’s expertise in integrated automation solutions for high-pressure die casting systems and services. Our integrated design philosophy provides you with a completely integrated system from start to finish. Whether you are die casting components for legacy products or spinning up a new production line, +Vantage has you covered with the latest in electric vehicle technology. Download this eBook to learn more.

📄 Download the Automation for High Pressing Die Casting eBook

+Vantage eBook: EV Case Studies

Our free eBook provides a concise overview of +Vantage’s involvement in EV and EV battery manufacturing. This eBook also contains three case studies detailing actual assembly line challenges we helped our customers overcome.

We get into specifics about many of our integrated systems. For example, you can see how we use 3D technology to enable an analysis to be conducted on an entire EV battery tray using standard CMM software tools. We also share what kind of components we implemented to create solutions that solve assembly problems and maintain end of line processes and inspections.

📄 Download the EV Case Study eBook

+Vantage Blog: Insight into Industry 4.0

Our content is where many global manufacturers get industry 4.0 knowledge to increase their bottom line through industrial robot integrators. Our engineering expertise, technical capability, market competitiveness, and peerless after-sales support services allow you to automate and confidently launch new manufacturing programs. This blog is a high-quality resource for you to learn more about the industry as a whole, and our approach to aerospace/automotive assembly automation and battery assembly.

🔗 Visit the +Vantage Blog page

+Vantage Videos: Assembly and Metrology

To truly get the most out of automation in manufacturing, precision is the name of the game. System integration is the solution. We are experts in contact, air, and non-contact vision metrology integration. Whichever options best suit your needs, we will have our machines ready to receive your production parts with minimal downtime. These videos can give you more insight into how we get that done.

🔗 Go to the Assembly and Metrology Videos page

+Vantage Brochures: An Automation Company Overview

We want you to be completely comfortable with us and our process before the first line is drawn on the drafting table. This small “getting to know us” resource library gives you more specific details about our custom engineering services and products. Browse through these brochures and spec sheets at your leisure and see how your systems and processes can improve with +Vantage.

📄 Download the +Vantage Company Overview Brochure

📄 Download the +Vantage Systems Integration Brochure

📄 Download the +Vantage Metrology and Automation Brochure

📄 Download the +Vantage Metrology and Assembly Brochure

📄 Download the +Vantage Non-Contact Casting Metrology Brochure

📄 Download the +Vantage RTV Inspection Presentation Brochure

📄 Download the +Vantage Predator3D Spec Sheet

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