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Laser & Interferometer

  • Non-contact laser metrology using LMI Gocator sensors


     Laser line profiling, laser displacement and interferometry, +Vantage offers laser inspection solutions for your non-contact 2D and 3D inspection needs

Interferometer and laser based metrology solutions. Specifically, dimensional precision and surface finish inspection.

Vision Inspection Systems

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    Vision Systems

     Simple checkers, high resolution 2D cameras, high resolution line scan cameras, telecentric solutions and 3D lens configurations

High speed vision inspection systems improve automation and assembly lines. An example of high speed vision inspection is our High Speed Strut Inspection and Sorting System.

CMM & Gage

  • Ruby tipped contract metrology probe gaging a piston pin for roundness

    Electro Mechanical

     Multi-axis measuring heads or single point inspection technologies allow for geometric inspections per ISO standards, while scanning technologies provide users with critical data on component geometry.

Optical and tactile measuring gages and CMM’s with sub-micron accuracy. The above is an example of CMM quality, our Automatic Piston Pin Roundness Inspection Station.

Sort & Classification

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    Using the RTGC32 PLC, sorting and classification can be done with little to no human interaction improving overall quality assurance.

Feed, inspect, mark and handle your parts for sorting. For instance, simple part pass or fail to multi feature 2D or 3D matrix sorting can be provided. These are all great examples of integrating multiple systems in one application.

Electro-Mechanical Gages

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     Precise, micron resolution, contact metrology using Solatron electro-mechanical technology while maintaining desired part-to-part tact time.

Multi-axis measuring heads or single point inspection technologies allow for geometric inspection per ISO standards. For instance, our Input Shaft Gaging and Indexing System uses the aforementioned metrology solutions in a single application.

Pneumatic Gaging

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     Non-contact air metrology utilizes air pressure and converts it to electrical signals allowing the RTGC32 PLC to gage parts, regardless of coolant or other liquid factors.

ID/OD pneumatic measuring systems to meet tolerance demands less than 1μm tolerances. An example of when to use this application is after a machining or washing process. Even with a thin layer of fluid on the parts, they can be gaged to less than 1μm accuracy.

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+Vantage Corporation, leader in Metrology, Assembly, Automation and Integration Solutions.

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