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Our in-house engineering teams bring dedicated expertise to the table

+Vantage Corporation has dedicated engineering teams for every facet of the design process, from mechanical and controls, to electrical engineering.

As your single source supplier and system integrator, Vantage Corporation prizes our in-house expertise, and leverages our substantial knowledge base during every stage of designing your automation system. Our engineering staff includes departments dedicated to all stages of design and integration. This ranges from mechanical and controls engineering through electrical design.

Dedicated Engineering Expertise

Mechanical Engineering

All of our mechanical engineering, drafting and design work is performed in-house by our experienced team of engineers, designers and drafters. We create 2D drawings and fully 3D models using CREO, Solidworks and AutoCAD for our designs, ensuring cross compatibility between common file formats. Additionally, our mechanical engineering department is available for contract work independent of Vantage developed systems, such as custom machine and concept development.

Controls Engineering

Our controls engineering team handles the programming for the PLC controllers in our integrated systems. We use controllers from experienced OEM’s such as Allen Bradley, Siemens and Omron, among many others. We also provide calibration and programming of 2D and 3D inspection systems, from OEMs such as Keyence, Cognex, LMI Technologies and more. Our programming experience also extends to robot programming, giving you a complete suite of capabilities from Vantage engineers.

Beyond handling programming needs for our own systems, our controls engineer group is available on contract for logic and debugging of existing PLC’s and programming routines, as well as programming devices already integrated into your production line.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering department at Vantage handles complete design, schematic development, and validation of design for every integrated system we produce. As with our other departments, our electrical engineering group may be contracted for individual work and custom electrical system development.

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